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Today In Rock and Roll History


July 17th - Today In Rock and Roll History

Daily Rock and Roll History, Birthday and short music clips.

A year long, day by day look back at this date in Rock History in 3-5 minute segments.

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This Week In Rock and Roll History!


This Week In Rock and Roll History week of July 14th

An hour long weekly radio series!  Fifty years of Rock and Roll music and the stories behind it in a one hour long weekly show. 

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Replaced By Robots Wax Museum Interview 4/26/19

Replaced By Robots "In Storage" front cover photo.

Doug Miller interviewed by Chris Palladino

The Baltimore, Maryland based Replaced By Robots have a new CD out "In Storage". Band vocalist, blues harpist and keyboard played Doug Miller phones in an extensive interview to The Wax Museum, previewing tracks from the new disc and news of upcoming show dates. Click the band photo to hear the entire segment as it aired.

Replaced By Robots info

Check out the Replaced By Robots website and their Facebook page "Replaced By Robots".

Replaced By Robots website

Woody Lissauer Wax Museum Interview 3/23/19

3/23/19 Wax Museum interview and music by Woody Lissauer with Steve Caplan and Bill Cromwell.

Baltimore based Woody Lissauer steps up to the Wax Museum microphones for this in depth interview!

Click to listen to the Wax Museum interview and music by Woody Lissauer with in studio guests Steve Caplan and Bill Cromwell.

Woody's Official Website

Tommy James Wax Museum Interview January 2019

Chris Palladino and Tommy James

Tommy James with Chris Palladino

Click to hear Tommy promoting all his planned 2019 activities; new album, Sirius XM radio show, touring, new movie, etc.

Tommy James official website

From Chris Palladino's Radio Oz interview archives

Cover art for "The Fighting Clowns Of Hollywood" by The Firesign Theatre.

Recently released 1980 Firesign Theatre interview

Click to listen to this archival interview with The Firesign Theatre recorded during their 1980 Fighting Clowns tour of the US for Chris Palladino's Radio Oz program, now available for purchase  in the Firesign Theatre's "Fighting Clowns" of Hollywood" collection!

Official Firesign Theatre website

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Life's A Long Song

I grew up with a transistor radio that I carried whever I went. Through the speakers of that radio this small town kid connected with the rest of the world and the music in it.

Music is the inspiration!

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